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Judging from a number of the comments on the trailer, players are tired of futuristic shooters—which is understandable, considering all the aliens we've had to dispatch over the years. With the space creatures from games like Halo, Mass Effect, and even Dead Space combined, gamers have spent the last two decades or so wiping out an entire galaxy. It can get pretty old.

YouTuber Christoffer Røsnes wrote, "Man im so tired of these future cod just getting more and more boring for me." We suppose it's not too much to ask to get a different, non-futuristic setting using the same, tried-and-true Call of Duty formula that fans have grown to love.

About us Unite Against Hate will create a ‘hub’, enabling various stakeholders to report on projects relating to hate crime, as well as to share research, information and good practice. UAH key roles will be to stimulate, coordinate and communicate.

The FBI does not publish a list of hate groups, and "[I]nvestigations are conducted only when a threat or advocacy of force is made; when the group has the apparent ability to carry out the proclaimed act; and when the act would constitute a potential violation of federal law. The FBI maintains statistics on hate crimes. [10]

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